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Healthy Diets For Pregnant Women

Healthy Diets For Pregnant Women

Despite from happiness, having positive tested for pregnancy, a woman must be observant to watch food intakes. Dietary choices during pregnancy affect the health of the fetus until the birth and it grows to be an adult.

However, the diet before pregnancy is equally important. One or two months before planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to intake balanced meals for more consistent ovulation. Vegetables, beans and side dishes which are high protein and also contain of isoflavones and choline like soy and egg to help regulate the reproductive of hormones.

Here are some healthy guidelines for pregnant women or women who is planning a pregnancy, as quoted from ModernMom:


Folic acid is important for pregnant women. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects, which can cause slow information transmission from the brain. Folic acid works before pregnancy and during the first trimester. You can get folic acid by eating fortified cereals, lentils, asparagus, spinach, black beans, peanuts, orange juice, broccoli, lettuce and whole wheat bread and pasta. Folic acid is also obtained from a multivitamin with 400 mcg folic acid or more. Other nutrients that help are vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc.

Foods To Avoid

When you know you are pregnant, immediately stop your habit of drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs. Because some substances are left several times in the body, so you should stop it from you plan a pregnancy. If bad habits keep to be done until you pregnant, the fetus will have risk of fall or born prematurely. Too much caffeine is also bad for the fetus, because caffeine absorbs the iron that is needed baby and mother.

Choose Fish as The Main Menu

You can increase the intake of fish, especially salmon and tuna. But you must avoid every fish that contain of lots of mercury such as shark, swordfish and king mackerel because it will precipitate in the mother’s body and fetus.

Avoid Junk Food

Remove your junk foods from the dining table. Potato chips, cookies, soda and fast food contain no nutrients for mother and baby. Make sure that the body mass index is between 20 and 30.

The normal pregnancy’s weight gain is between 8 to 15 kg. Excess weight during pregnancy is vulnerable to get diabetes, high blood pressure and reduce the chance of a normal birth.

Recognising Depression

Recognising Depression

As a major new study finds that anti-depressant drugs don't work for the majority of people who take them, this raises all sorts of concerns for the one in 10 people who suffer from serious depression. "What will help me if anti-depressants won't?" will be a big and justified question on their mind.

It also raises larger questions about the nearly 32 million prescriptions for anti-depressants that were written last year: why have so many drugs been prescribed when perhaps they've done little good and many people suffer side-effects from them?

Probably the main reason for this is that depression has become a catch-all diagnosis that some respected researchers say covers many other emotional and psychological conditions like anxiety, stress, and the unhappiness from distressing life events like divorce and bereavement.

Busy and over-stretched doctors simply don't have the time to make a thorough diagnosis - despite their best intentions - and giving a prescription has frequently seemed the best solution.

That aside, the most important thing I'd like to say to you if you are presently on anti-depressant medication is that you should not stop taking your medication without the guidance of your doctor!

Despite the findings of this report, anyone on medication needs to come off of it in a supervised manner.

The second important point I'd like to make is that anti-depressants like Prozac, Seroxat, Efexor and others, might work very well for you as an individual and you should not worry when hearing about this research that you're doing the wrong thing taking them if they have benefited you!

The Good That Can Come From This Report
Now, let's consider the fact that there's a real positive to come out of this report - that we can now re-focus our minds on how best to help those who suffer with depression and who are not helped by anti-depressants.

With depression being the number one illness across the whole world, there are a huge number of people out there who need to get the right help for them.

If you've suffered from depression you'll know how it seeps into every aspect of your life. The signs and symptoms include: 
• First and foremost a pervading feeling that you're "blue", down, feel despair, are sad, not yourself, low in spirits - essentially depressed.

• Irritable and short-tempered for apparently no reason. 
• Have a lack enthusiasm for the things you once enjoyed. 
• Find it very hard to sleep or are sleeping too much. 
• Can't get motivated for things like work and day-to-day chores.

• Everything feels like it's an effort and some people describe that they are "walking through sludge".

• Loss of interest in sex. 
• Loss of appetite or wanting to eat more. 
• Feeling hopeless and also helpless. 
• You might also stop looking after yourself properly. 
• Unexpected feelings of anger.

• You may feel guilty and/or ashamed that you have no "obvious reason" to feel depressed.

• Easily stressed out - you may find things that used to be easy now seem difficult. 
• You might have suicidal thoughts. 
• You might find yourself turning to alcohol and drugs to "make you feel better" but this is not the solution. 
• And you may notice your own unique symptoms.

If you've felt any of these symptoms for longer than two weeks then that should be a wake-up call to try and determine whether or not you have depression. Now that this report has made it quite clear that people need to look at what care is available to them besides anti-depressants, rest assured there is lots you can do.

What You Should Do Now
•  Let your nearest and dearest know that you have concerns about your well-being. Don't keep these blue feelings secret. Keeping them to yourself can worsen them.

•  Go to your doctor and book a double appointment so that you have plenty of time to go through your symptoms.

•  It's terribly important while you're getting help to decrease any demands on your time that you can. The fewer demands that you have in your life, the quicker you can recover. This is about setting limits and learning to assert yourself because many people who get depression struggle with setting boundaries and saying No to other people's demands for their time.

•  Make sure you eat well and don't rely on pre-packaged ready meals that may have too much salt, sugar and other additives that are not good for your mood.

•  Try to establish a good sleep routine. 
•  Allow yourself one small nap or rest during the day but avoid staying in bed. 
•  Take gentle exercise every day to boost your endorphins - those feel-good brain chemicals. 
•  Try keeping a journal so that you can keep tabs on how your mood goes up and down.

•  Get to know what things actually set you off as people are more likely to suffer more depressive episodes if they do not sort out the root cause. 
•  Begin to learn to talk about your feelings to other people so that you feel you have better communication and stronger relationships - definitely a protective factor that helps protect you from future depression.

•  Question whether you're a bit of a perfectionist and need to accept yourself more. Realise the fact that no one is perfect. The seemingly "strongest" and most compassionate people I've ever met have often been depressives! But they must learn to say No to helping others when they need to be gentler and help themselves.

•  If you and your doctor think it's appropriate then get counselling. There are different types of counselling but cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been successful for many people with depression. It teaches them how to rethink about their world and challenge any negative beliefs that feed their depression. If you end up going for a "talking cure" with some form of counselling you'll find one interesting point many counsellors talk about is "surrendering to your depression and acknowledging it". In a sense they urge you to "embrace it" so that you can then actually face it head-on. The basis for this is that if you don't wholeheartedly face it and embrace it than you may stay in denial about what's causing it.

Where Does Depression Come From?
Although every person's set of symptoms and experience of depression is unique there are a few major causes, these are: 
Reactive depression - where you're "reacting" to some sort of life events like divorce or bereavement.

Chronic depression - a long-term depression that may have resulted from something like a difficult or traumatic childhood or event, or work from a disturbance in your brain chemistry.

Bipolar disorder - manic depression where people experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows.

Postnatal depression (illness) - after the birth of a baby, women may suffer this either in a very minor form right through to a much more serious condition.

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder that affects people in the autumn and winter months and is tied into lack of sunlight

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Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos
Phantom has a rare sense of scale and occasion that makes it a truly modern interpretation of a Rolls-Royce. The grille and Spirit of Ecstasy immediately mark out Phantom.
The 2:1 wheel-to-height ratio is fundamental to this as are the coach doors. The gentle downward curve of the roofline and upward sweep of the lower body line suggest movement even when the car is stationary.
Just as Phantom's presence is quietly authoritative, the delivery of power from the direct-injection V12 engine is equally impressive. At 70mph over 90% of the power is available in reserve, making for effortless acceleration.
Combined with the electronically controlled six-speed transmission, pressing the accelerator gives the driver a feeling of smooth, endless acceleration from standing or at speed.

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos
 Even more impressive from the outside and more spacious inside, the Phantom Extended Wheelbase offers a further 250mm of legroom for rear passengers. With a choice of the best in contemporary communications technology, it's anindulgent space - perfect to work in, to sit and think or just watch the world pass smoothly by. Thanks to the adaptability of the spaceframe, there is no compromise in the performance or aesthetics of the car. The rear seats are set back in the car, ensuring passengers' privacy without restricting their view of the world as it passes.

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos
 Phantom's unique, advanced aluminium spaceframe is hand-welded from over 500 separate parts, with over 100 metres of weld. Incredibly light but strong, it is both stiff and dynamic. When combined with the state-of-the art suspension technologies, it creates the air-cushioned 'magic carpet ride' that is unique to Rolls-Royce. The double-skinned flat floor of the spaceframe conceals much of the technology, making it conspicuous by its apparent absence. This adds to the calm, quiet ambience inside by isolating passengers from road noise and the flat floor leaves plenty of space to stretch out.

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

Beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Photos

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The sweet smell of Celebrities success

Businessman extraordinaire Sean Diddy Combs
The sweet smell of Celebrities success

It seems like there's a new celebrity-endorsed product line launching every week -- from fragrances to headphones to energy drinks -- and it's paying off. Watch the latest episode of "Who Knew?" to find out which star has sold more than 30 million bottles of perfume, and who has their own brand of beef jerky!

Businessman extraordinaire Sean "Diddy" Combs has three scents: Unforgivable, Unforgivable Woman, Multi-Platinum
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Sports News

Sports News

Ashour, Fadl called up for Derby

Ahly's Football News
                                Hossam Ashor

Midfielder Hossam Ashour and Forward Mohamed Fadl have been called up by coach Abd El-Aziz Abd El-Shafi nicknamed "Zizo" for Cairo Derby against Zamalek on Thursday.
Ahly will start their camp on Monday at 6th of October city, and the squad will be announced on Wednesday.
Algerian attacking midfielder Amir Saiod has been sidelined due to injury.
Ahly are in Fourth place behind Leaders Zamalek with 6 points difference.

Kabylie's Udaya set to Join Zamalek

Ahly's Football News
                    Udaya set to Join Zamalek from Kabylie

Striker Mohamed Udaya is set to join Zamalek from Algerian club JS Kabylie.
"Zamalek sent 200.000$ to the Algerian club to seal off the deal"
The striker was supposed to arrive at Cairo on Monday but airways conditions postponed his arrival.
Udaya is expected to attend and watch Derby between Ahly and Zamalek on Thursday.

Ashour likely to play in the Derby

Ahly's Football News
                               Ashour likely to play in the Derby

Ahly's Hossam Ashour is likely to play in the Derby against Zamalek, according to football director Said Abd El-Hafiez.
Although the youngster felt some pain in the uncle, but there are intense attempts by medical staff to prepare him for the Derby.
"Unfortuanlty Fadl are going to miss the game, but we still hopeful for Ashour", Abd El-Hafiez.
Ahly hope a speed recovery for his veteran player to monitor Zamalek's star Mahmoud Abd El-Razek "Shikabala". 

I’m really proud of Ahly's interest, says Duarte

Ahly's Football News
                             Proud of Ahly talks, says Duarte

Portuguese manager Paulo Duarte said he is proud of Ahly talks with him to manage the Red Devils first team in January.
Burkina Faso's coach described Ahly as Real Madrid in Africa continent.
Ahly won Century club in Africa in 2000 by CAF in synchronization with Real Madrid getting the same title but in Europe by UEFA.
Duarte was among candidates to coach Ahly first team after Hossam El-Badry departure.
"Mahmoud El-Khateeb negotiated with me but I have a contract with Burkina Faso", added he .

10-man Arab Contractors makes it hard for Ahly before Derby

Ahly's Football News
          10-man Arab Contractors makes it hard for Ahly before Derby

Ten-man Arab Contractors made it hard for Ahly when they draw 1-1 in Egyptian League on Saturday before the Derby against Zamalek on December 30.
Ahly dropped a precious two-point as they stayed at frouth place with 24 points, while Guests claimed the 14 position with 11 points.
The first half ended in goalless draw although dangerous chances from the two sides.
Arab Contractors' Mohamed Salah surprised all when he netted the opener 6 minutes after the second half kicked off.
Ahly's Shehab Ahmed tried to make the difference when he fired a shoot from outside the area but it went wide on 60.
Mohamed Samara dribbled Ahmed Said brilliantly and sent a cross inside the area but keeper Mahmoud Abu El-Soud saved it.
Ahly controlled the game during the last 20 minutes but guests cleared the danger.
Defender Tegany (Arab Contractors) has been fired when he picked up the second yellow card on 76.
Ahmed Shokry scored the equalizer when he sent a brilliant cross into the net directly on 90 to make it 1-1.

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