Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hack A Bluetooth device | Free Download Bluetooth hackerBluetooth Hacks, FreeDownloads, Mobile Hacks,

It is a program that enables the user to read the information of other’s phone and also enables to control the applications of the phone being hacked. The latest version being released is super Bluetooth hack 1.8 and this application is just a toy for some while others take it as serious stuff as it provides full access to the hacked phone. It is almost like owning the phone.

To connect to another phone is very simple and what you need to do is install the application. Installing the application is very easy. Transfer the .jar file into your phone’s memory and then just install the software in the applications folder. After you have installed just run the application, what you will see is BT INFO written on top of the screen. Then simply select the connect option and just pair with the device you want to gain control.

Once you are connected to other phone then this application provides features such as changing the profile, read the contacts and messages, switch off the phone, restart the phone, change the ringtone, change ring volume, play music, make phone calls, hang up in between the call and possible everything that you can do with your own phone.

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