Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unlock Your Iphone Instantly

How many gadgets freak do you know who are not interested to own an iPhone. I do not think there are any. Apple iPhone especially the iPhone 3G has created a rage among gadget savvy as well as normal users. It is not only a mobile but a personal entertainment device on the go. But not every one is lucky to use an iPhone like those in US or Europe. This is because firstly till date iPhone has not been released worldwide and secondly iPhone is not sold over the counter in a gadget shop rather it is sold along with a mobile service. So even if it is released in your country you do not have the option to use it along with your favorite carrier and the carrier which provides iPhone charge an extremely non-affordable plan (outside US). For example an 8GB iPhone comes with a price tag of approximately INR 30,000 from Airtel and almost same from Vodafone in India. However the same phone in US from AT&T is available for approx USD 199.

To avoid this discrepancies and to make the iPhone accessible by general public the concept of unlocking iPhone came out. So let me tell about what exactly is unlocking or an unlocked iPhone. Unlocking lets you place calls with any GSM carrier by inserting different Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) into the phone. Normally these SIMs from unapproved carriers won’t work. When your iPhone is unlocked, just buy a local GSM-compatible SIM, place it in your phone, and make your calls. Most phones in the US are “locked” to a particular network. In the iPhone’s case, that’s AT&T for the US, O2 for Great Britain, and so on. Should you want to use your iPhone with another GSM carrier, you need to unlock.

When Apple released the latest 2.1.1 version of the iPhone firmware it is no longer possible to unlock iPhone via software. But there are iPhone unlocking service providers which provides very reliable unlocking service. The method is thoroughly tested with SIMs from various countries and it is working fine without any hassle. So how does this method work?

The 3G iPhone unlock solution is a hardware unlock solution in the form of a ‘piggy back sim’. This hardware unlock solution is a plug and play solution that will instantly unlock your 3G iPhone. The 3G iPhone Unlock SIM is a super thin ( 0,01 mm.) sim card that slides over the sim card of the carrier that you want to use. It basically “fools” the iPhone into thinking that the original SIM is inserted.

The 3G Unlock SIM unlock sim card will not make any changes to the iPhone software. Its a simple plug and play solution. Just slide the 3G unlock sim on top of your existing carrier sim, and your 3G iPhone will be fully unlocked with all functions working. The main benefit of a hardware unlock solution is so you will not loose any warranty at all.

For more information and demo videos about this unlocking service, you can head over to iPhone 3G unlocking website.


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