Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful places in Pakistan..

A trip through Pakistan is a face to face encounter with a fascinating land that has withstood countless invasions and preserved the essence of its conquerors in the form of present day monuments and archaeological heritage.For those with an intrinsic love of mountains, Pakistan offers the unique pleasure of its northern mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Hindukush and the Karakorams - a mountain wonderland unrivalled in the entire world with such formidable peaks as the K-2, the Nanga Parbat, the Rakaposhi, and the Trichmir. These ranges present an awesome challenge for those looking for trekking, mountaineering, angling, or jeep safaris. The resorts in these remote valleys make for an ideal summer get-away.
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The place at bottom looks like Toli Peer in Rawalakot i have seen it last year we got flights to Islamabad from Heathrow we visited almost whole Kashmir that time i have saw Toli Peer which is similar to your post.

Hmm nice places and I think Pakistan is one of the best place on the earth.

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